Traffic Fines management

Outsource your fine management and free yourself from worries.

We offer you a comprehensive coverage of traffic fines.
Our services are tailored to you.

We respond to your sanctions, whether domestic or foreign, from the moment of receipt until the end of the administrative process with the payment of the fine.

Step by step in the management of a traffic fine

Reception and control

Information search

Incident management

Identification and presentation

Reception and control

Receipt of notifications from DEV, TEU, mail and other venues.

Digitization, classification and registration of all fines (according to expiration dates, organization, origin, etc.).

Generation of a process per fine.

Information search

Collection of data on offending drivers.

Collection of documents necessary for the identification process.

Incident management

Incident management process whenever the necessary data for identification are missing.

Identification and presentation

Identification of the driver or offender with the corresponding documentation.

Presentation of documentation before the agencies (through Official Registries and telematic presentations according to the existing agreement with the Agencies).

Online solutions, 100% adapted to the different customer segments.

More efficiency, more agility in management, more control of the activity.

Online platform for traffic fine management

All information on fines, vehicles and drivers gathered in one place and accessible from any device.


Integration with DGT

Automatic and one-click tenant communication.


Online Payment of Fines

Available at any time, place and device. Platform for payment of traffic fines for final drivers.


Control and Follow-up

Personalized reports and up-to-date online information.


More and better service through additional solutions

API for integration with software and organizations

Comprehensive resource optimization and process acceleration through the use of third-party integration APIs.

Always informed

Personalized reporting system with the desired periodicity.


Team of experts available to work at our customers’ facilities.

Legal and administrative assistance

Legal and technical support offered by our team of professionals.

Contratos por SLA

Your business is our priority, that’s why we seal our service through SLA management commitment.

Document custody and logistics

Logistics services for the storage and custody of physical documents or other vehicle elements.

Leave the management of traffic fines to us, you focus on your business.

More time and resources to grow your business. Total visibility and tracking of our activity and process status.

Simplifies all processes

Comprehensive coverage of all tasks related to the management of fines.

Optimize resources

Elimination of the operational burden, thus achieving an increase in productivity.

Reduces risks

We minimize the financial risk caused by non-compliance in the management of fines.

Gain control and accessibility

Real-time information on the status of transactions from any device.

Manage traffic fines easier than
ever with a zero-default guarantee

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